‘Ave A Go Ceramics was established by Matthew Jones in 2006 after graduating with a BA Hons Ceramics from University of Wales Institute Cardiff.

Based in the county of Caerphilly we provide a range of workshops, classes and projects in ceramics, pottery and art. ‘Ave A Go also produces a range of table and functional ware.
We produce a range of cups, bowls, plates and tapas oven dishes using terracotta, stoneware and porcelain. All of our pieces are hand-thrown/cast allowing us to tailor our work to suit your needs.

Working with a small pottery such as ‘Ave A Go Ceramics does bring about a number of advantages:

◊   All the work Is produced by ‘Ave A Go Ceramics.

◊   All work is hand-made so there are inevitable variations which bring a certain charm to each piece.

◊   Large orders can be broken down into manageable numbers. If you want 300 of an item but don’t want them all at once, then we can supply them  in accordance with your wishes.

◊   Commission a ceramic prototype. These can be used for marketing or shows or just to see how it will look before you go ahead and manufacture. 



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Matthew Jones 07811 596672   aveagoceramics@hotmail.co.uk